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The place to fall in love with yourself,

just the way you are.


Iamcherished.net is a site devoted to lifting our spirits and reminding us that we are already approved of, loved and cherished by our Creator, just the way we are.

The one common theme I encounter, time and again, is that most of us are, routinely, moving through varying states of discontent and unrest throughout the course of a day.   Many walk around on the brink of depression and self-sabotage because we are in need of feeling loved, valued and cherished by a particular someone or the world at large.  Without this outside validation, we feel lost, invisible and illegitimate.

Having gone through my own similar trials, just waiting to be felt, loved and cherished, while working so hard to serve, nurture and take care of others, without reciprocation, I came to a point of exhaustion. I realized that I could no longer give or share, that which I did not have, because there was little to none of me left.   I was depleted and spent, feeling like I was disappearing, little by little, everyday.

Then I had an encounter with God, in which He asked me, "Mary, who is your greatest love?"  I replied, "Well, you are my greatest love, because you never leave me or make me feel bad about myself.  All I feel is love and support and protection coming from you."  He replied, "Well, if I am your greatest love and it comes to you freely, then why would you work so hard jockeying and chasing a lesser love with friends, lovers, family and even strangers?" 

In that moment, I got it.  Unless, I learned to gracefully and humbly accept the love that is already mine between me and my Creator, it would be impossible for me to feel and experience love, both, within myself, and from others.

Iamcherished.net was born out of this global vision and mission to remind men, women and children, everywhere, that we are already loved and treasured by the One who created each and every one of us.  And we, each, have a unique purpose, mission and destiny to fulfill.

Here we learn new strategies to accept ourselves just the way we are, and unveil the ruby amidst the rubble of our individual life paths and journeys.  We learn to exhume, if necessary, and examine all of it...the good, the bad and the ugly, to glean valuable knowledge to take us to the next level of our character and human development.

Please join me for an experiential and uplifting adventure of getting into alignment with God's love for us, as we begin to uncover the precious gifts and genius He has placed inside each of our souls; revealing our intrinsic and unique value, worth and beauty. 

Iamcherished.net is the place to gracefully and humbly learn to fall in love with ourselves just as we are, realizing our infinite one-of-a-kind-ness, and the missions we are, each, meant to fulfill during our short lifetimes.   A mission that is delegated and designed just for me and just for you.  A destiny which no one else can fulfill.

For God made but one original of each us.  And,  His vision for every soul is more abundant and amazing than we can ever dare to dream for ourselves.

But, it all begins with this one step-- accepting, daily, and affirming "I Am Cherished!"

Peace & Blessings,

Mary Wickramasekera


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